Academia In The News: SLAM Charter Schools

By Erica Ciprian

Posted July 27, 2017 in Projects
Pitbull at SLAM Academy

Sports Leadership And Management is an exciting new charter school known by its acronym "SLAM", created by Miami Rap Star Pitbull and Academica one of nation’s longest-serving education service organizations. Its mission? To “provide an innovative and in-depth secondary educational program that produces college-bound students through emphasis on sports-related majors and post-secondary preparation.” 

SLAM, just like Academia, share the same goal: To provide innovation in the classroom that will ignite in students a life-long passion for learning.

So, when the Mr. 305 of school furniture Alain Pino, Project Specialist for Hertz Furniture contacted us, we were more than happy to join in on creating the perfect environment for SLAM students that would feed our shared mission.

Alain, a Miamian himself, poured a lot of hard work, dedication and creativity to providing SLAM exactly what they wanted. He states: 

“Working with SLAM officials was a wonderful experience. They knew exactly what they wanted their students to experience in the classroom. Everything from functionality in furniture and colors were very well thought out. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of creating such a dynamic environment for Miami students.”

Now, what can be as cool as learning in a well thought out environment? Learning right across from the best source of motivation sports-minded students can have: The Marlin Stadium. These students at SLAM Miami will not lose sight of their goal too easily. 

SLAM: The View
Students have a motivated, goal-oriented view from their classroom of the Marlins Stadium. (Credit: Alain Pino)

However, Miami is not the only location you can find a SLAM charter school. SLAM recently opened new locations in West Palm Beach, Tampa, Atlanta and Nevada. If that weren’t all, Rene Ruiz, president of the expanding SLAM Network, is looking towards the northeast, specifically Baltimore, MD. The artist Pitbull backs him up and explains via Fox Baltimore:

“I think Baltimore is one of those cities that needs SLAM the most, It’s obvious to see they are going through a lot and have been through a lot in Baltimore.” 

Baltimore City Schools reported in its latest data finding a 69.5% graduation rate for their 2015 class and an increasing dropout rate of 13.2%. Baltimore could use a SLAM nearby. In comparison, SLAM Miami & Atlanta report 96% graduation rate.

The success of SLAM is attributed to innovating learning techniques that integrate Common Core Standards with sport-related themes into a core curriculum of Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. SLAM prepares students for careers in Sports Medicine, Business, Marketing, Health, and Communications through elective coursework in Sports Medicine, Digital Television & Sports Media Production, Sports Marketing, Entertainment, & Management.

You may be curious to know what furniture was chosen to complement their teaching model? Take a look below:

SLAM Miami
Was the Miami landscape a muse in selecting its seating color? Maybe. Green symbolizes growth, promotes balance & communication as well as self-reliance. (Credit: Alain Pino)

The new charter school made a slam with our Classic Series Combo. They selected a classically designed one-piece combo desk, with a built-in book-basket and pencil groove that will keep SLAM students happy and the classroom neat. A well organized room will enable students to think and study without distractions. Green seating options were selected to create harmony and balance. It is well known that green promotes the sharing of information in an agreeable & diplomatic manner. 

In such a small period of time SLAM has already made a remarkable difference in the lives of many students in Miami and across the nation. Academia Furniture is grateful for the opportunity granted to be part of this amazing project.